Friday, March 20, 2009

The OG -- Origin Gangsta

“If we are going to teach creation science as an alternative to evolution, then we should also teach the stork theory as an alternative to biological reproduction.” --Judith Hayes

I dunno anything about Ms. Hayes, but I liked the quote.

The Rantathon Begins

I've gotta lot to say about the economy and the country. I've been overwhelmed lately with all I wanna say and haven't felt like starting a rant--'cause I dunno where to start. I'm tired of my wussiness--so in the immortal words of Theodore Roosevelt, Jr., as he stood on the wrong landing beach on D-Day, "We'll start the war from right here!"

No disrespect (well, not a lotta disrespect) meant for our current Commander-in-Chief, but what the hell are you thinking!!

Background: To be fair and balanced, I hated the Democratic choice for president as much as I hated the Republican choice for president--and I hated Bush more than both (that's another story for later). My initial fear about Obama was his socialist sounding rhetoric and wacko left-leaning associations. I thought his starry-eyed vision of the future for America was a bunch of immature bullshit or a nice bit of rainbow and sunshine sausage ground out for the electorate. However, deep inside I held a little light of hope because the guy was an outsider--not one of the typical Beltway whores that we've become accustomed to. Since his campaign was a testament to the power of a grass roots movement, I felt his naivete might produce some change for the better. Understand tho', I was only looking for a silver-lining because I knew he'd be elected. I still would've preferred an anesthesia-free root canal to his election.

I still think the guy is completely naive, I think he's made bad decisions about appointment and in other cases been duped into appointing a bunch of the run-of-the-mill political street-walkers currently occupying the Capital. I dunno who convinced him (I admit I've not investigated that), but I do know his appointments do not reflect his campaign promises. His administration is filled with the same corrupt folks and Washington insiders that his political opponents and predecessors did/would've used.

I've watched the Obama administration as our slide into possible financial ruin has begun to pick up speed. It's become painfully obvious, I don't think he's a socialist as much as I think he's just clueless. I know the brotha knows how to work a teleprompter--and lay down a speech like nobody else (he's damn good)--but he's got no idea about the dire straits we're in. I ain't lumpin' everything on his shoulders, I don't think any of the morons in government or the press have gotta clue either. Most people I talk to on a regular basis have no understanding about the mess.

My rant is starting to bleed into my other rants--the big rant picture is so big at this point--but to use my tired Titanic analogy, it seems we've started debating about who's fault it was the iceberg was in the way, all the while fist-fighting over how much the we paid the guy that's polishing the brass.

That cold painful tingling feeling you have in your feet ain't your restless leg syndrome acting up, it's the frigid waters of the North Atlantic lapping up over your ankles...