Wednesday, October 8, 2008

Debating About Who Polishes the Brass the Best...

Last night, I listened to about 10 minutes of the U.S. Presidential debate. In less than a minute I quickly got the gist of what both candidates were saying -- JACK SHIT!

Our ship is takin' on water and we’re standing by watching the two clowns running for president engaged in a pissing contest. They’re trying to prove which one can do a better job polishing the brass on our sinking ship. Worse than that, we (the American public) are engaged heated and passionate discussions with our fellow citizens about which candidate will do the best polishing job!

I’ve absolutely zero interest casting my vote for either one of these morons:

I don’t want to seem as though I don’t respect John McCain for his service to our country as a Navy pilot and salute his resistance as a POW—I think in those terms he is one helluva an admirable man. However, he is an old-school Washington insider who’s spent better than a third of his life enriching himself on taxpayers’ dimes. He’s been desperately clutching at the straws of the presidency for the past few years in an attempt to resolve some patriarchal issues by surpassing the monumental legacies of his father and grandfather.

Then you have Barack Obama, I think the one most likely to win this national pissing contest, he is a good lookin', sweet talkin’, ethnic version of Joseph Stalin. He has shown no love, and worse, no understanding of the freedoms we have in our country and our economy.

My friends and associates—on both sides—keep suggesting that I drop my third party stance—“because I’m just throwin’ away my vote.”

My only rebuttal (besides "go fuck yourselves!") is, thanks to your desires to be obedient party-line sheep, our country is slowly being chewed up in a two-party meat grinder. You morons need to pull you heads outta your asses and force Washington to change things so we can get some candidates who'll represent people in this country--not some marketing demographic or extremists.

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