Thursday, February 24, 2011

Go out and buy some Zombie Jerky

Apparently, Americans are to fucking stupid to realize that Zombie Jerky is not made from real zombies. Thank God for the heroes at the USDA!

Maybe they should be worryin' about salomela or botulism or e. coli or some other food-borne bacteria that really will turn you into a zombie...

"It's hard enough marketing snack foods to zombies without the U.S. Department of Agriculture being persnickety about the wording on the label.

That's what Aaron Rasmussen of Harcos Laboratories, a Los Angeles-based maker of novelty products and food items, discovered last summer when the company decided to create Zombie Jerky, a line of beef jerky designed specifically for zombies and the people who love them."

Read the rest of the story at AOLNews...

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